What We Produce

When it comes to seafood products the key words are “fresh and clean” and Dharma Samudera’s products get high marks in both cases.

Dharma Samudera’s vision for success as world-class marine products processor has led the Company to build a solid foundation of product quality, competitive pricing, high production and marketing standards. The Company can look forward to many more years of satisfying customers around the world.

Almost 90% of the output from Dharma’s five processing plants is exported through an extensive distribution and marketing network throughout many parts of the world. Keeping Dharma Samudera’s products at the forefront of the market are exhibitions held annually in Japan, Europe and the USA.

Dharma Samudera’s products are readily accepted for export as Dharma is one of the few Indonesian companies with HACCP certification from the USA and EEC quality control certification. These certifications are a reflection of the Company’s management and marketing team, that strives to ensure customer satisfaction through an emphasis on new product and maintaining product purity to international standards.

The Company’s market growth and support of community development is well-recognized by the Indonesian government, as evident from Dharma’s receipt of the prestigious Primanyarta Award for four consecutives years from 1993 to 1996.